St.   George   Accounting   Services   commences   its   services   by   first   review   and   understand   what   your business   is   doing.   Our   offered   solutions   would   be   customised   to   your   business   needs   and   allow   you   to   have an adequate cash flow to operate the business. For   a   business   operated   on   a   cash   accounting   basis,   we   collect   from   our   customers   the   gathered receipts,   a   record   of   income   (money   received)   and   a   record   of   expenses   (goods   paid   for)   as   well   as   the monthly   bank   statement.   We   efficiently   scan   these   documents   and   return   them   back   to   you   as   soon   as possible. SGAS     then    process    the    collected    information    and    provide    you    with    monthly    financial    records, calculate   the   amount   of   tax   you   should   be   paying,   complete   and   lodge   your   quarterly   BAS   returns   and complete your end of year tax return leaving you to concentrate on increasing the business cash flow. Software Used: We   use   MYOB,   which   has   effectively   become   the   industry   standard,   as   our   main   Bookkeeping software    along    with    Microsoft    Office    software    products.    However,    we    are    familiar    with    the    most major/commonly used bookkeeping software in Australia. Service Products: Using   MYOB   we   provide   the   following   quality   contract   bookkeeping   services   in   accordance   with   the Australian   Accounting   Standards   and   the   recommendations   of   the   Institute   of   Certified   Bookkeepers   ICB. Account   Payable:   to   keep   a   track   of   who   you   owe   money   to.   Enter   invoices,   email   to   clients,   schedule payments and petty cash. Account Receivable: To   keep   a   track   of   who   owes   you   money.   Invoicing   clients,   receiving   money,   Deposits,   Creditors Management, Statements & Debt collection. Payroll Service: is   accurately   and   timely   prepared   in   accordance   with   the   relevant   state   and   federal   legislation. Calculate annual sick and long service leaves, Superannuation Payment Summaries and PAYG. Reporting: Monthly   and   or   quarterly   reporting,   Trial   Balance,   Profit   and   Loss   Statement,   Balance   Sheet,   prepare and lodge BAS returns. Stock Control: Accurate    tracking    of    sales    and    stock.    Item    tracking    and    analysis.    Inventory    by    customer    sales analysis. Confidentiality and Security Measures: If the bookkeeping work is carried out at our offices: Our digital servers has multiple securities; We carry out daily and weekly backups; We use off-site external secure media storage; Your hard copies are held secure in a safe; All our personnel are signed to formal Non-Disclosure Agreement contracts. If   the   bookkeeping   work   is   done   on   site   at   your   office,   the   information   is   stored   on   your   computer system and obviously you would look after the data security and confidentiality.
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